- A seascoutcamp for all scouts

When: 22-29th juli, 2020

Where: Thruøbund, (Thurø, Svendborg)

If you have any questions,

please contact our international coordinator on:


See you in 2020! 


Q.      Where and When?

The jamboree will be 22-29 of july on Thurøbund (near Svendborg, Danmark) 

Q.      Who can participate?

All age groups and all types of scouts are welcome. 

We hope to see many international helpers too. 

Parents cannot participate, unless they are part of the Family-scouts. 

Q.      What is the price?

The price hasn’t been finalized, but it will be about 1.500 DKK. (ca. 200 euro) for the jamboree. 

This will include all meals etc. 

Pre-jamboree buildup starts on the 18th of July and costs 50 DKK pr. day. (ca. 6,7 Euro)

Post-Jamboree dismant will continue until the 1st. Of august. It is free to participate in the dismant.

Q.      What is expected from the participants?

We all join in to make this jamboree an amazing experience.

The jamboree is driven by the oldest age-group of scout, the scout-leaders and the helpers.

The more people - The more helping hands. :-)

There will be activities and fun for all age-groups.

Q.      Do you need to bring your own boats?

Only if you can :-)

If you group does not have boats, or are not able to bring them, it is okay to join without boats.

If you wish to bring boats , please make sure this is clear in the registry, so we have enough space.

Q.      Do you need sailing experience to participate?

It is not required to have any sailing experience. Everyone can join i, in their own way.

Helpsers do not need any sailing experience - there are lots of other stuff to help with.

Q.    Will everything evolve around saling?

It is a sea scouts jamboree, so the mail activity is the sea - anything from the seaside to the open sea is a possibility.

The jamboree is located on land, and there will be lots of stuff going on in the campsite as well.
Such as sleeping, cooking and activities.

Q.      When do you register?

Pre- registration is open until 1. December 2020.

Last chance for final registration is 1. June 2020.

Please contact our international coordinatior here: international@soe20.dk.


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